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School fruit

The EU school fruit program in North Rhine-Westphalia has been organized since spring 2010 by the Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Nature and Consumer Protection in cooperation with the Ministry for Schools and Further Education North Rhine-Westphalia. Our school has been participating in the school fruit program since 2015.

Our school is supplied daily by a school fruit supplier. The offer is varied and includes various types of fruit and vegetables. Parents prepare their own fruit cans for each class. The fruit or vegetables are eaten daily during breakfast break, but also in between during the school mornings. With this permanent and regular supply of fruit and vegetables, we expect a sustainable and long-term effect on the children's eating habits.

For the preparation of the fruit and vegetables, we always need parents to support us.

The school fruit program is accompanied by various activities, for example a visit to a countrywoman or a tour of a farm.

The school permits for participation in the EU School Fruit Program NRW are valid for one school year. At the end of a school year, we apply again for the program using a re-registration form so that permanent participation is possible.

Courage is good

This certified violence prevention measure is specially designed for preschool children and primary school children. In the “courage is good” training, children basically deal with saying no: saying no to violence, drugs, tests of courage, blackmail, “funny” touch, “swapping” toys and many other topics. In this training, boys and girls have the opportunity to try out practical skills in a playful way. A team of behavioral trainers and therapists accompany a class on several consecutive mornings and offer conflict assistance and violence prevention in the premises of the Sonnenstrasse elementary school.

“The subject of violence and many questions about methods of dealing with children with behavioral problems, who repeatedly cross borders and exercise power, are not new. A reason for us to playfully show our children, with certified and qualified behavioral training and lessons using conceptual, social systems, constructive, clear rules of behavior that solve problems of violence and prevent exclusion. Through methodical and exciting repetition, the students achieve lasting synergy effects with natural application in everyday areas. We can achieve this through the team from “Courage is good”. "


Protect children from danger!
(partly taken from  from 05.11.2018)

Preparation for school

The cooperation with therapy practices for speech therapy and occupational therapy enables us to offer therapy lessons in our school. We have both offered this option in our rooms since February 2014. This cooperation makes it easier for our parents and children to access these therapeutic measures. The children can, provided they have a prescription from the pediatrician, take advantage of the therapy in our school.

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