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Good contacts through to a partnership between school and home are of considerable benefit for every child.

Parents work at our school in a variety of ways:

- Parents evenings

- Weekly class teacher consultation hours (3rd and 4th grade on Mondays from 1.15 p.m. // 1st & 2nd grade on Thursdays from 12.30 p.m.)

- Parent counseling

- Parents' participation in school life and in class

(Reading mothers, support in the library, helpers with school fruit or at parties and celebrations)

We would be delighted to receive your offer if you would like us to work closely with you.

Angebote & Kurse 2023_2024

Rucksack Schule

Backpack school


A program for language education and parenting education

Our school offers a free group of parents who meet once a week in the morning for two hours. The group is led by a trained specialist. The program provides practical guidance for  Parents of multilingual children growing up in elementary schools.

The appreciation and recognition of diversity as well as the  The resources and skills of this group of people form the basis of the program. In the family education, which is integrated parallel to the lessons, the program sensitizes parents for language education as well as for the learning development and learning content of their children and  promotes the education and training partnership.

In summary, the program pursues the following objectives:

- Consistent language education, promotion of multilingualism and strengthening of educational language skills

- Involvement of parents as educational partners and promotion of educational and upbringing partnerships

- Migration-sensitive and diversity-conscious teaching and school development

A program of the municipal integration center NRW

Unterstützungsangebote für Eltern

Support offers for parents

The municipal youth and parent counseling service (JEB) has been an integral part of the Düsseldorf youth welfare system for over 40 years. With their wide and free range of support, they are very popular with the citizens of Düsseldorf.

New website:

Furthermore, we would like to draw your attention to our new open consultation hours, which have recently started on Wednesdays from

4 p.m. - 5 p.m. and in which a consultation is also possible without prior appointment.

FuN – „Familie und Nachbarschaft“

FuN - "Family and Neighborhood"

A program that is fun and that helps families.
As an abbreviation, FuN stands for “Family and Neighborhood”.

Families whose children visit GGS Sonnenstrasse can take part.
One afternoon a week the families meet for 8 weeks to spend family time together.

How does FuN work?


- Talk to each other

- Play together (in the family, in a group, with the children among themselves)

- Exchange ideas with other parents (the children are looked after

- Have time for each other

- To eat together

The meetings are supervised by Ms. Fuest-Holthaus, pedagogical specialist at efa (Protestant family education in Düsseldorf), and Ms. Hilger, school social worker at GGS Sonnenstrasse.



The FuN program elements:


8 elements structure the FuN program: Each meeting begins with a welcoming ritual; there follows a communication game, a cooperation game, then eating together at the family table. This is followed by the game for two, parenting and children's time, a surprise game and ending with the final round.


Every family sits at a family table. Here people play, eat and laugh. All games and exercises are very simple, understandable even for families with limited knowledge of German and can be performed without gaming experience.


FuN particularly appeals to parents and strengthens their importance for family life: the parents explain the rules of the game to their children, pass small assignments on to the children and ensure that everyone participates.


Every family sits at a family table. Here people play, eat and laugh. All games and exercises are very simple, understandable even for families with limited knowledge of German and can be performed without gaming experience.

Added to this are the impressions that the families have of the other families and the exchange of experiences. The families learn: "Family life is not easy!", "Not only we have our difficulties with it!", "We can learn a lot from each other!" This strengthens the neighborhood, the position of the family in the social environment and the contact and relationships with other families.


(Source: praepaed eV Association for Preventive Education)


How will FuN continue?


So that the contacts that have been made can be maintained or expanded, there is the possibility that the families will continue to meet after the FuN program. They organize these meetings themselves and are supported by the pedagogical staff if necessary.


At GGS Sonnenstrasse, parents also have the opportunity to meet in the parents' cafe.

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