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We introduce ourselves:

The development association is an association of parents, friends and sponsors of the community elementary school Sonnenstraße. We see our task in supporting the students and teachers in the current school year.

Our goal is to bring all children through active and material  Help to enable a common, carefree and productive school time.


The annual fee of € 12 is a family fee, even if several  Children visit the GGS Sonnenstrasse. The contribution will be sent to the class leader by letter and will be forwarded to us by them. You are a member as long as your child is GGS  Visited Sonnenstrasse. Membership ends automatically upon completion of the 4th grade.

board of directors

Mr. Johannes Oostendorp (1st chairman)

Mrs. Sandra Glänzer (2nd chairwoman)

Ms. Ulrike Altgelt (Treasurer)

Previous purchases

- financial support for school trips

- Furniture for the classes

- financial support for the acquisition of material (learning paths)

- Beamer for the learning center

- general financial support


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